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The award-winning Comicraft studio is primarily known for pioneering the use of the computer in the art of comic book lettering. Thousands of comics and millions of pages later, we remain the comic book industry’s leading lettering and design firm, while our design heroics reach into the realms of television, movies & video games.




Ask For Mercy

An action-packed and artistically stunning dark fantasy story fromRichard Starkings and Abigail Jill Harding, Ask For Mercy is a World War II fantasy horror story in the tradition of John Carpenter’s The Thing and Sandman.

Struggling real estate agent Mercy is snatched from her own place and time to join a team of Monster Hunters, who are actually Monsters themselves, and together they take on a Pantheon of Hideous Creatures summoned to our world by Nazi evil!


Genetically engineered to be supra-human weapons of mass destruction, the Elephantmen must now walk amongst the people they were created to destroy. Blade Runner meets Planet of the Apes in our long-running pulp science fiction series, created by Richard Starkings, with art by Axel Medellin and Boo Cook.

In the latest story arc, THE PENTALION JOB, weapons of the war between Africa and China have surfaced and are being transported from the East Coast to the West Coast. HEIST!

The Beef

The creator of ELEPHANTMEN, Richard Starkings, and the creator of The A-MEN, Shaky Kane, join forces with Tyler Shainline to bring you the story of a Meat Man!

Chuck Carter, a mild-mannered slaughterer of cows at The Beef meat processing plant, is a little in love with a strawberry picker named Mary Lynn. But when the object of his affection falls victim to the Vodino Brothers, and is pursued across a strawberry patch by a mad cow, Chuck takes on the mantle of…THE BEEF!

The World's Greatest Comic Book Fonts

Trapped in a world they never made, Comicraft’s Fearless Fonts come to the rescue in the nick of time! Having dutifully lettered thousands of comic books, they save the day in video games, TV shows, movie titles and wherever fun, lively fonts are needed.

Balloon Tales: Your Guide to Comic Book Lettering

Since our formation, Comicraft has freely shared advice and answered questions on lettering, production and publishing via our Balloon Tales website, “Comic Book Lettering the Comicraft Way” book, and online course at LinkedIn Learning.



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